10/20-21/17: Cirque Macabre presents Heart of Evil
8/27/17: Versatile Arts 10 year anniversary party
7/22/17: Knot In My Backyard fundraiser
7/15/16: Vaudevillingham at Bellingham Circus Guild
6/12/16: Rosé release party at Melrose Market
6/4/16: Bowie Tribute Night at Versatile Arts
11/7/15: Mask of the Red Death at Versatile Arts
5/5/15: Zillow’s Got Talent show at the Triple Door
5/3/15: Versatile Arts student show
7/11/14: Jungle Party at Woodland Park Zoo with Versatile Arts
5/5/14: Zillow’s Got Talent show at the Triple Door
3/7/14: Villa Academy Auction at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel
2/21/14: Femmuary at Versatile Arts
———–Maternity Break————–
11/9/12: Student Show at Versatile Arts
10/26/12: Halloween Show at Versatile Arts
9/21/12: Aerialoke at Versatile Arts
7/15/12: Bar Ferd’nand 2nd Birthday Party
4/22/12: Versatile Arts Improv Contest
———–Maternity Break————–
10/14/2010: Beats 4 Boobs fundraiser party at Little Red Studio
8/21/2010: Gnomedex party at Emerald City Trapeze
7/14/10: Bastille Day Fete at the Corson Building
7/10/10: Ballard Art Walk at Monster Art & Clothing
7/9/10: Jungle Party at Woodland Park Zoo with Versatile Arts
6/26/10: Hippocampus Party
6/26/10: Versatile Arts 80’s Show
6/19/10: Cupcakes to Spain Aerialistas Benefit at Hale’s Palladium
6/8/10: Esther Edelman’s Student Show at Youngstown Cultural Center
3/24/10: Moisture Festival – Aerlift
2/12 – 2/14/2010: Limelight Cabaret
2/6/10: Abraxas at Emerald City Trapeze
1/28/10: Versatile Arts Sinners and Saints show
12/13/09: Video shoot for Team Awesome mission statement video
11/13/09: Birthday party at Little Red Bistro
8/22/09: Versatile Arts Cake show
8/15/09: Columbia City Cabaret
4/12/09: Versatile Arts Spring Show

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